We want to empower you!

ActiVote provides you the tools to actively participate in our democracy!

Helping you assess the field

Ever wish it were easier to figure out which candidate believes what you believe without having to cut through all of the rhetoric? ActiVote shows where you are placed in the political spectrum.

Helping you be heard

Participate in real-time polling so that you can let candidates know what you care about and how you think they are doing. Rank all candidates in your preferred order. See who wins the instant run-off.

Helping you get to the polls

Never miss an election! We will let you know when you can vote and who you can vote for local, state and federal elections.

Helping activists be effective

There are people in your community working day in, day out on issues that affect you and your neighbors: the new high school, traffic issues, neighborhood safety. Empower them by sharing your opinion on key policy issues.

Helping you Get-Out-The-Vote

Our democracy thrives when more people participate in the voting process. We can help show you for all your contacts they have an opportunity to vote. Contact them and encourage them to go vote.

Helping you inspire action

Curious whether you and those around you are frequent voters? Check your and your friends voting behavior and inspire some great conversations about participating in our democracy while helping increase voter turnout!