Building your civic habit

What if you could prepare for your vote, create a perfect habit of voting and have fun learning about new topics? #DailyDemocracy does just this – giving each voter one small action per day that leads to a habit of voting for HUGE impact in our democracy.

Check out the overview of #DailyDemocracy!

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Helping you get to the polls

Never miss an election! We will let you know when you can vote and who is running in your local, state and federal elections. Keep track of your preferences & comments on candidates.

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Helping you assess the field

Ever wish it were easier to figure out which candidate believes what you believe without having to cut through all of the rhetoric? ActiVote shows where you are placed in the political spectrum compared to those running to represent you.

Check out the video about the matrix!

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Amplifying your voice

Participate in real-time polling and let candidates know what you care about and how you think they are doing. Rank all candidates in your preferred order. See who wins the instant run-off.

Check out the video for how you can democratize polling!

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Learn about policy

Learn about interesting policy topics each week with quick easy to read information and multiple choice answers! After you answer, see what others are thinking about the same topics.

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Track elected officials and legislation

Once they are in office, elected officials work for you. Stay up to date on what they are doing on your behalf and hold them accountable!

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Empower and inspire yourself and others

Democracy is more fun when you can share it! Earn badges for participating in #DailyDemocracy. Share digital lawn signs for candidates you support. We want to reward you for your civic habit!

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