ActiVote is changing the way citizens engage with their government. Our easy to use nonpartisan app – learn more about the featureseducates voters on important issues, when and where they can cast their vote, connects them with their elected officials, and allows them to make their voice heard by quickly answering key polling questions.

Join voters in all 50 states, of all parties and all ages & join in on #DailyDemocracy.
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We believe …

Our democracy is at its best when as many people as possible participate. ActiVote empowers all Americans to be active in our democracy by helping voters create the habit of voting. We are focused on empowering low-propensity voters by providing easy access to your elections and what candidates really stand for, while filtering out all the noise. With our #DailyDemocracy you can take one small action every day, increasing your civic engagement day by day!

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