Smart on Civics?

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Smart on Civics?

ActiVote is committed to changing the way citizens learn about and engage with their government, through a daily, fun and informative interaction. #DailyDemocracy

You may have heard the stats.

  • Only 5% of Americans can name the 5 protections granted in the 1st amendment.
  • Only 66% can name all 3 branches of government.
  • 22% believe the right to bear arms is protected in the 1st amendment instead of the 2nd.

All the while, the federal government spends $50 per student per year on STEM subjects and only $0.05 per student per year on civics.

A national survey by Lincoln Park Strategies found that only 36% of natural-born citizens passed the Naturalization test by answering at least 6 out of 10 questions (of an overall collection of 100 questions) correctly. According to US Citizenship and Immigration Services, 92% of prospective citizens pass that same test on their first try!

The ActiVote Daily Civics Quiz is here to battle that imbalance by making sure that everyone knows enough (and many more fun facts) about our country to pass the citizenship test on the first try. 

Here is how it works. 

Every day a daily civics quiz of 4 multiple-choice questions is available about anything related to civics education: our founding, the Constitution, presidents, branches of government, historical events, monuments, supreme court decisions, individual states and much more. You have 30 seconds per question to pick an answer after which you get immediate feedback on why your answer is right or wrong. At the end of the Quiz, ActiVote users can share how they did on today’s quiz with their friends, without giving away any of the answers. The sharing message looks like this:

In this case, the 1st, 2nd and 4th questions were answered correctly (not bad: 75% correct answers would be a passing grade for the Citizenship test!). The share includes a link to invite others to participate in the Daily Civics Quiz, so that you can compare notes with your friends.

ActiVote’s Civics Quiz takes civics education a step further: it already contains more than 500 unique questions (and counting …), so that app users can enjoy a fun civics experience for years to come.

Start participating in ActiVote’s Daily Civics Quiz today!