About ActiVote

Candidates and their volunteers work around the clock to earn the support needed to win an election, yet there are still so many constituents who are not aware of upcoming elections, let alone the candidates who are on the ballot.

ActiVote removes the obstacles that stop people from participating in our democracy by using data, not partisanship, to empower people to vote in their local, state, and federal elections—and encourage others to do the same.

ActiVote provides just the facts on candidates and elections, allowing people on their own time to easily access relevant and unbiased information about upcoming elections and candidates.

Here’s how ActiVote is bridging the divide:

ActiVote is committed to engaging more people in the political process by creating an easy and central place for voters to get all the information needed to participate in an upcoming election. When more people feel empowered to take part in the political process, democracy wins.

Know Where You Stand

To better understand which candidates your values align with, it’s important to first know where you stand. ActiVote has created a series of questions for users to answer to build their political profiles. This information will be used to help voters easily compare their beliefs with candidates who are running.

Building Commonality Through Facts

Unbiased information depolarizes a conversation, and that type of data is essential in politics, especially as we see our country becoming more divisive by the day. Activote’s app uses the commonality of issues between users to build bridges—and compassion—on other topics that people may not see eye-to-eye on.

Your Personal GOTV (get out the vote)

Be a “grassroots activist” by linking your contacts to the public voter file to see which of your friends needs a call to be reminded about an upcoming election.

An Education on the Issues

Learn more about the issues that are considered “hot button” across the country, including cyber security, offshore drilling, labor unions, and equal pay.

Social Engagement

Throughout ActiVote’s app, there are places to interact with other members of the ActiVote community. When you rank your candidates for an election, you get to see an instant poll among ActiVoters who can participate in that election.