Who uses ActiVote?

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Who uses ActiVote?

We love activating voters. We work hard to reach a broad set of voters across the country and across the political spectrum. We frequently get asked where those users are and who they are.

So far in 2023 we’ve seen a Supreme Court election in Wisconsin, local elections in Illinois in April and then local elections in Indiana, Texas and Ohio in early May. Today there are school board elections in Oregon, statewide races in Kentucky and local elections in Pennsylvania. In June we will see legislative elections in New Jersey and Virginia and county and local elections in New York. And this is just to name a few, there are countless local special elections across the country in any given week. Don’t forget that 2023 is an election year!

So far in 2023, we’ve reached across the country, but concentrated in the states where we’ve seen elections.

Now this is only through the middle of May and we’ve got a lot more elections left to take place! In 2022 voters across the entire country had an opportunity to vote and their diversity showed across the map.

So now that we know there are users across the country, the next question we get is who these users are? What do they believe?

When you look at the demographics you can see a number of understandable trends. We’ve got more younger users than older users. But we also see trends that make us scratch our head. We’ve got more male users than female users, which is strange given that females are better voters than males.

Either way we will continue on our mission to serve all voters! If you aren’t already using ActiVote we encourage you to check out the app and be part of our next batch of statistics!