We’re Live!

Plot Your Politics

We’re Live!

Today marks the first official day that ActiVote is available on the App Store and Google Play. After months of work, beta tests, and collaboration, we have finally reached a point where we can present a product that we’re really proud of.

What makes ActiVote such a unique tool for civic engagement is its versatility. It talks policy, it lets the user take a stance, and see how their attitudes compare with the candidates in real-time. Eventually, it will let users compare their attitudes with those of their friends on ActiVote too.  It talks elections, it lets the user stay up to date on elections, allows for rank-ordering functionality, where users can submit ballots, and simulate elections being decided on by the rest of the ActiVote community. More interested in local politics? We’ve got you covered. ActiVote supports elections on the local level too. Interested in being the bastion of democracy amongst your friends? Let us help. If a user chooses to share their contact list with ActiVote (not mandatory), we match people in your network directly with their voter profile (which is public record), where you can see their likelihood of voting, party affiliation, and compare that with local and regional demographics, making it easier for you to formulate engagement strategies. 

We are currently working on socialization functionalities at ActiVote, which means that soon, not only will you be able to plot your political attitudes on a matrix with popular candidates, but also plot those attitudes on a matrix with your friends’ positions as well. We are of the belief here at ActiVote that Americans are generally more closely connected on issues than they realize, and as such, it’s easier to start a political conversation with someone when you understand each other’s similarities as opposed to differences, even across party lines. Let’s take the polarization out of politics, and let’s start talking across the table again. 

Though our flagship version is out and ready, our work is nowhere near done. We are juggling ideas about where to take the app next, including the aforementioned socialization functionalities, and shortly thereafter, gamification functionality as well. How cool would it be if when you went to a local town hall, you could submit your attendance to an app, where it could then verify your location, and attribute to your profile a reward accordingly? Features like these are what’s up next, so don’t wait. Become an ActiVote user today, and let’s mend our democracy one smartphone at a time. 

The ActiVote Team