Vote Tripling

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Vote Tripling

So I am that person. I am that person who is constantly nagging my friends and family to vote in upcoming elections. They get phone calls, they get text messages and they KNOW that I will ask them after election day if they’ve voted. I’ve certainly asked them all to sign up for ActiVote so that ActiVote sends them automatic email reminders as well. So the bad news is that I can be annoying. The good news is that these folks are good voters because many of them want to be able to tell me that they did vote after election day.

One of the things that has happened over the years is that people who know me really well have started to ask me who I am voting for and why. For some it is because they share many of my beliefs and will vote for the same set of candidates. And for others they like to hear my input as part of their decision making process. Either way, I will frequently share my vote plan with my close community. 

As you probably know, our goal at ActiVote is to increase voter participation in elections by helping voters feel informed and confident about their vote. What I do do for some of the people I know personally who ask is to help them feel confident by sharing my ballot. So it should not have come as a surprise that the single MOST requested feature during the 2022 midterm cycle was for us to create a ballot cheat sheet that users could share with their personal networks.

So that is exactly what we did! We’ve revamped the Vote Ready screen to make it easier to make your ballot vote plan. And we’ve added the ability to email yourself a cheat sheet for your ballot. This is especially important for states like Texas where you are not allowed to bring a phone into the voting booth with you.

We’ve got hundreds of thousands of people planning their 2023 ballots right now with ActiVote! In local and off-year elections, turnout sometimes doesn’t top 10-15%. These elections can be decided by dozens or only hundreds of votes. 

What if… EVERY ActiVote user who plans their vote, emails their ballot to just 3 people that they know live nearby and can vote in the same elections. 

What if… each of us called and texted and pestered those people to get them out to the polls.

What if… each of those people went into ActiVote and planned their ballot and then sent it out to 3 people they know.

What if… instead of a funny cat meme going viral it is voter participation going viral by each of us impacting just a few of the people around us.

The single most effective way to get more people to vote is for someone to hear from a person they know and trust who encourages them to vote. That person could be YOU!