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 “Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.” ~Unknown

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Keeping your volunteers motivated is tough but critical to your campaign. They are the foundation of a campaign and using ActiVote can keep them motivated for the long haul! 

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Your campaign uses many tactics to interact with voters. Canvassing, phone banking, rallies, social media, earned media, appearances at forums, endorsements of trusted community leaders, etc. And if you have the money, you may even buy ads on social media, radio and television or you may send mailers to a carefully targeted set of voters. All to ensure the word about your candidacy gets out.

While all of these tactics contribute to successful campaigns, you can do more. The single most effective way to persuade voters for a candidate or get people out to vote is relational organizing. Relational organizing is using an existing relationship (family, friend, neighbor, colleague) to spread the movement.



ActiVote is the #1 app for campaigns who want to empower their supporters to do more. It is free and it is more accurate than any other tool. And it comes with a playbook for success!

ActiVote is free because we are passionate about increasing voter turnout and we know campaigns play a key role in that, inspiring voter turnout every cycle!



Right now campaigns have the extra challenge of social distancing which is changing the playbook. Canvassing is impossible, rallies disallowed, forums cancelled. The only good news is that more people are at home and are answering the phone. That is why you should definitely include relational organizing in your campaign.



The short answer: it can make the difference between winning and losing. The longer answer: if you do this for 6 weeks, and every volunteer recruits 20 votes from their network, and 3 new volunteers among those 20, then it can give you … up to 72,000 votes! Which is more than enough to win virtually all district races. So, it truly can turn a losing campaign into a winning campaign.

How it works

Watch a demo of how ActiVote works for volunteers who want to promote your campaign

Download & Setup

Download ActiVote from either the App Store or Google Play. Start by going to the VOTE theme and creating a profile for yourself.

Find your Candidate & Volunteer

Go to your election list, select the election, rank your candidate #1, go into the candidate details and at the bottom hit the “Volunteer” button!

** If you cannot  vote for the candidate you want to volunteer for, go to the SHARE theme and add them as a contact. Go to their election list and follow the same steps.

Work your Network

You can import your contacts, match them to their voter registration and ActiVote will tell you who can vote for your candidate. Contact them and persuade them that your candidate deserves to be in office!

Move up the Rankings!

As you collect more votes for your candidate you move up the rankings. You can move up in 2 ways – first is collecting direct votes. The second way is to persuade those supporters to do the same thing with their network!

Make Friends & Influence People

As you start speaking with your contacts some will be excited about your candidate. Encourage them to download ActiVote too, and add you as a contact. Then ActiVote will help you become “Friends on ActiVote” and that will move you even further up in the campaign rankings!

Give it a try!