Invite your Supporters to help!

Dear Team xxxxxxx,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support for my campaign for the xxxx District xxxxx. Every vote counts, every vote is appreciated and together we can make real change.

I wanted to share an exciting opportunity with you, that will help you multiply your support for our campaign, while staying safe at home, using nothing else than your smartphone and your network of contacts. Here is how it works.

You download a free election app (ActiVote for Apple or Android) on your phone and then spend a few minutes going through the setup so that it recognizes you and finds all the elections you can vote in, which will include those here on MM-dd. Then, you can indicate in the app that you are volunteering for my campaign and it will figure out which of your friends and family live in our district, by matching them with their voter registration.

Research shows that the most convincing reason for people to vote for a particular candidate is because they were told about that candidate by someone they trust. What I would like to ask of you is to then get in touch with each and everyone of the people in that list and hopefully persuade them to vote for me on MM-dd, by telling them why YOU are supporting me. Once you have determined whether someone will or will not vote for me, you just mark that in the app. The fun part is that you can see how you are doing in comparison to other volunteers for my campaign that use the same app by looking at the campaign high-score list.

For details how to do this exactly, you can watch this video:
< insert video link >

And once you have figured out how easy it is after doing this for a while, please ask the same thing from any new supporters that you find, by forwarding them this email as well. If you find 10 supporters in your network who will vote for me, and are willing to talk to their friends, and each of those finds 10 who are willing to do that as well, before you know we will have built a grassroots campaign of supporters.

Good luck and thanks again for your support and lets win on MM-dd!

Cheers, Team xxxxxxx!