Politicon 2019 : Political Universe

Plot Your Politics

Politicon 2019 : Political Universe

ActiVote is excited to be attending Politicon in Nashville next weekend (Oct 26-27).  A bi-partisan conference of political junkies getting together to talk politics and listen to speakers from both sides of the spectrum.  We are excited to be there!

While we are there we will be conducting a political experiment.  We will work hard to get as many of the attendees as possible to plot their politics in ActiVote

What will it actually look like?

We are curious to see what the political makeup of the event is!  Do we agree more than we disagree?  Do we see people from both parties closer than they expect?  Are we as polarized as the media says?

Stay tuned for an update after the event and analysis of a small microcosm of our politically active bi-partisan attendees at Politicon.  No matter what, we think it will be interesting!

If you’ll be at the event, please make sure to stop by booth #1001 and learn how you can be part of this experiment!  Even better, 4 lucky participants will win $200!

Download ActiVote today!