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Here are some of the ways ActiVote can help you and your campaign:
(1) ActiVote is driven to harness the technology we use every day to help you be seen and heard, no matter what size your campaign is.
(2) ActiVote is an ally to the political process by providing a platform for all candidates to highlight their individuality and values as a candidate.
(3) ActiVote provides an unbiased platform for you to promote and build momentum in your race.

Nice and easy. Once you are registered, you can see where you plot next to others in your race and gain access to voters who are itching for some quality candidate information.

Ready to get Started?!

When you’re ready to start your account you can follow these steps

Download ActiVote

You can find ActiVote in either the App Store or Google Play.

Set up your Profile

Go to the VOTE theme, find your voter registration. Check out your elections and rank yourself as your 1st choice in your race!

Plot your Politics

Go to the THINK theme and answer the first 8 questions. Your position is more accurate the more questions you answer and all of your answers stay completely private!

Check out your positioning

Go back into your elections and see where you stand compared to the currently participating candidates.

Get verified

Once you are happy with your positioning, send a note to verify@ and we will ensure your position is visible to our app users.

Using ActiVote w/ Volunteers

You can use the get-out-the-vote features of ActiVote with your volunteers to further energize your voters! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Concerned? Curious? See what others have been asking about

How are you sharing my answers with voters?

We aren’t! Your answers stay completely private and only your finalized grid position is shared with voters. We are not looking to create “gotcha” questions nor create news with your answers, only to share positioning so that voters feel empowered to vote their values.

What if I don’t like my position and want to change my answers?

You can change your answers at anytime and your grid position is recalculated every 5 minutes. The more questions you answer the more accurate your positioning will be.

Why did you choose to apply your data science backgrounds to politics?

We feel that democracy is at its best when the more people participate. Some voters put up a firewall to shield themselves from candidate outreach but then don’t know who to vote for when election day comes around. We aim to ensure that they have a safe place to look into candidates and empower their vote!