Local Legislative Launch

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Local Legislative Launch

“We’re excited to partner with Activote to connect residents to information about their city government. It’s another great way to see what the City Council is working on, track issues, and learn about upcoming elections.”
~ Casey Joe Carl
Minneapolis City Clerk

Your personalized democracy experience. That is our goal. And what is more personal than local government. They live and work in the same community they govern. They make the decisions most likely to impact our daily lives. And they are some of the most accessible elected officials as they represent smaller communities.

ActiVote has partnered with the city of Minneapolis to extend our legislative functionality to now include all ordinances passed through the Minneapolis City Council. Residents can see how their City Council Member voted on each ordinance and follow along with the key work happening in City Hall.

ActiVote co-founder and COO, Sara Gifford, explained “ActiVote is on a mission to make democracy feel personal and to put the voter at the center of everything we do. Extending our capabilities to make that experience more personal is exactly what democracy should look like. We were thrilled to partner with the stellar team at the city of Minneapolis and look forward to bringing this functionality to municipalities across the country.”

Top Reasons you should care about Local Government:

  • Think globally, act locally.
  • Local politics and local issues frequently set the stage for state & national issues.
  • With local issues, it can be easier to rally support or opposition.
  • Local politics plays an outsized role in determining what happens in schools.
  • The easiest place to change laws you don’t like is with the local and state government.
  • Local officials are more accessible and therefore easier to reach to share your opinion about the decisions they make.
  • Local elections can determine the funding and maintenance of critical infrastructure (think potholes).
  • Our local elected officials decide how our public safety is managed, how our police officers are trained, and how we are policed

If you don’t live in Minneapolis & want to see what this looks like, check out this video! If you want to see this localized functionality where you live, contact your local city clerk or city hall and help us get them interested & inspired. We’ll be happy to try to set this up where you live too!