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As Tip O’Neill said “All politics is local!” However turnout for local elections is the among the lowest as voters struggle to feel confident in their vote. We aim to create informed voters by having both voters & candidates take the same survey! They then see themselves plotted with you on a matrix to see that you believe what they believe!

Nice and easy. Once you are registered, you can see where you plot next to others in your race and gain access to voters who are itching for some quality candidate information.

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You can find ActiVote in either the App Store or Google Play. Go through the steps in the wizard to create a profile. Check out your elections and rank yourself as your 1st choice in your race!

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Go to the THINK theme by clicking the question mark on the bottom of your screen and answer at least 10 questions. Your position is more accurate the more questions you answer and all of your answers stay completely private! Check out  where you stand compared to others.

Verify & Volunteer

Happy with your positioning? Send a note to verify@ and we will ensure your position is visible. You can then start to use the various candidate resources we provide FREE to all who participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How are you sharing my answers with voters?

We aren’t! Your answers stay completely private and only your finalized grid position is shared with voters. We are not looking to create “gotcha” questions nor create news with your answers, only to share positioning so that voters feel empowered to vote their values.

Why are these questions all about national politics?

We understand you are running for local office and that generally these topics aren’t the ones you will be voting on. However it is already difficult for voters to feel informed on national issues. The goal for voters is to know that you share values, and if you share values on national topics it increases the confidence that you also shre values on these critical local issues.

Why did you choose to apply your data science backgrounds to politics?

We feel that democracy is at its best when the more people participate. Some voters put up a firewall to shield themselves from candidate outreach but then don’t know who to vote for when election day comes around. We aim to ensure that they have a safe place to look into candidates and empower their vote!

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