Hello, world!

Plot Your Politics

Hello, world!

Hi everyone!  Today we signed the paperwork to start our new adventure!   ActiVote Inc is born!

We are excited to build an app that will help everyone participate in our democracy!  After long careers in enterprise software working on complex supply chain problems, we all felt that we wanted to spend the next phase of our lives giving back to the country that we all live in and love!  I spent time volunteering and giving back to my local community.  Paul-Erik is raising the leaders of tomorrow.  Victor spent the summer working on a congressional campaign as a means to elect our new leaders.  During that time he realized that we could have more impact if we built a platform that helped everyone be heard!

So that’s what we’ve decided to do.  We will provide short updates as we start building our app and can’t wait to announce to all of you when it is ready for the first release!

Best regards, Sara
COO, Co-Founder