Having trouble loading ActiVote?

If you load ActiVote and are only seeing the ActiVote logo, then your browser may not be allowing WebAssembly. Here are the quick steps to enable WebAssembly on your browser.

First select your browser:
Edge – simple
Edge – advanced

Enabling WebAssembly in Firefox

In the search bar type about:config
Then select accept to proceed to the settings

Search for ‘wasm’ in the search bar at the top

Click on the toggle at the right until it says true in the line for javascript.options.wasm

Enabling WebAssembly on Edge

On your browser bar you will see “Added Security” to the left of the address. Then click “Enhance security for this site”

If “use enhanced security for this site” is toggled on (see above), then go to the next step.

Disable “use enhanced security for this site”

Enabling WebAssembly on Edge

Click on the three dots in the top right corner of your browser and select settings.

Go to “Privacy, search, and services”, then scroll down to the section “Enhance your security on the web”

If the slider is off, then WebAssembly is enabled already. If the slider is on and either “Balanced” or “Strict” are selected, you can add an exception for ActiVote by clicking on the “Exceptions” just below the balanced and strict buttons and add “myactivote.com” as an exception.