Politics is Nuanced. People are Nuanced.

Check your Political DNA

Depolarizing from Within

Everything seems to be black or white, for or against, red or blue.

But diversity and difference are not absolute, they exist on a spectrum which has at its core commonality, togetherness and overlap.

But do YOU know the depths of your nuanced beliefs?
Do you know that you likely overlap with others more than you think?

Try it out!

How to Get Started

Download ActiVote

Try ActiVote and then the app will walk you through the 10 steps to get set up. During that setup you will weigh in on the first 4 policy topics.

Add your voice

Click on the question mark on the bottom menu to add your voice and diversity on as many policy topics as you wish.

Explore your overlap

At the top of the THINK theme you can selec “Check out the policy matrix” and explore the matrix. You can see how you overlap with national figures, the results may surprise you!