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Ready to learn a bit about policy, a bunch about elections and some fascinating tidbits about your own political nuance?!

The policy matrix exercise is completely anonymous and provides a great tool for thought experiments about political ideologies, leanings and more. The goal of this exercise is for you to learn how policy aligns with party and where your ideals match or do not match the political parties.

We are celebrating those who have chosen to participate in #CivicSeason with the ActiVote policy matrix!

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Explore the app, answer policy questions, check your elections! When you’re ready go to the Political Matrix and see how you compare.

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Thought Experiments

Thanks for celebrating #CivicSeason with ActiVote!

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I celebrated #CivicSeason with @ActiVoteUS!
Join me!   https://acti.vote/CivicSeason

A few things to think about!

– Did you end up where you expected?

– How do you think the #CivicSeason matrix will look? And Why? Are you surprised by what the group looks like?

– When you overlay the presidential candidates – are you aligned with the candidates you would have expected? Why or why not?

– Were you torn between options on any question in particular?

– Did you find that your views were more nuanced than you may have expected?

Next Steps

As a next step encourage people to register to vote if they are not registered, pre-register if they are high school students and that state allows pre-registration or encourage their parents to vote if there is an upcoming election.

Civic participation is always encouraged. Interested in doing this with a group? A team or community? Gather a group of friends / family / peers / colleagues / classmates and get ready for a thought-provoking civic exercise!

In advance of the exercise coordinate with ActiVote ( info@activote.net ) to set up an Event and a specific Event Code for your group. Each code creates a unique matrix where only people who have joined that event show in the event matrix.