Biden’s Persistent Low Approval Rating

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Biden’s Persistent Low Approval Rating

ActiVote’s July 1, 2024 monthly presidential approval poll finds that President Biden’s overall approval dropped to 37.6%. His disapproval rating is at 55.0% today.

ActiVote voters have weighed in on Biden’s approval rating since April 2021, with on average 957 participants per month and 2988 participants in June 2024, rating Biden on a 5-star rating, which is then converted into standard “approval” and “disapproval” percentages.

The only groups with a net positive approval rating are urbanites, Democrats and Blacks. Among the various age groups, Biden struggles the most with youngsters, of whom only 33% approve of him.

If we look at the left-to-right spectrum, Biden’s low approval comes from two phenomena. First, his base on the left is more disapproving of him than the right approves of him: 20% of the left and moderate left disapprove of him, while only 6% of the right and moderate right approve of him. Second, the crucial group of centrists  reflect the overall sentiment of the nation: only 33% approve of Biden, while 56% disapprove.

According to our presidential election polls those disapproving of him on the left are likely to vote for Biden (if he is on the ballot) in November anyway. Therefore, the key challenge for Biden will be to increase his approval rating with the centrists. Unfortunately for Biden, in comparison with our May approval poll, he continues to move in the wrong direction.

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