Biden’s Consistently Low Approval Rating

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Biden’s Consistently Low Approval Rating

Over the past 12 months more than 13,000 ActiVote voters have rated President Biden’s performance with a 1 to 5 star rating. The results aren’t pretty with an overall average rating of just 2.33.

Biden’s lowest rating came just before the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision in late July 2022 at 2.17. He then steadily climbed to a 2.52 average in January after better-than-expected Midterm elections for the Democratic party, although still losing control of the House of Representatives. In the past three months his rating is rapidly declining, back down to just 2.25 last month getting dangerously close to his all time low of last July.

Biden’s “strong disapproval” rating varies between 40% and 51% depending on the month, while his “strong approval” rating varies between 9% and 16%. Clearly, many more people are passionate about their dislike for Biden, while he has few ardent supporters.

Over the past year on average 56% of voters disapproved of Biden with only 26% approving of him, and on average 18% on the fence giving him a 3 out of 5 rating. 

Clearly, in the slow but steady run-up to the presidential primaries, Biden has an enthusiasm problem. It is hard to see how in the coming two years of divided government he can turn this around unless an unexpected improvement in the economy gives him an assist. With some banks in trouble, inflation and interest rates still high, the Ukraine War with no end in sight, that may be wishful thinking for Biden. 

Maybe his only hope to win another term in November 2024 is that just like in 2020, a vote for Biden would not so much be a vote for him, but more a vote against whoever his opponent is.

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