Biden’s Approval Steadies

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Biden’s Approval Steadies

ActiVote’s March 1st, 2024 monthly presidential approval poll finds that President Biden’s overall approval rating stayed steady at 35.6%. Biden now has four consecutive months of approval of 36% or less

ActiVote users have weighed in on Biden’s approval rating since April 2021, with on average 893 participants per month, rating Biden on a 5-star rating, which is then converted into standard “approval” and “disapproval” percentages.

Biden’s February 2024 rating is only 0.3% up from his lowest measured so far in January 2024, while his disapproval rating was at 56.5%.

If we look at the left-to-right spectrum, we see a consistent picture with previous months: Biden’s disapproval on the right is almost universal, while Biden also gets criticized by the progressive left. His core base of support is with the moderate left.

While February saw a minor overall uptick in Biden’s approval rating, the disapproval from the progressive left has increased, perhaps fueled by the continued conflicts in the Middle East where their demands for a cease fire have so far been futile. 

Perhaps that the overall small uptick is based on the continued positive economic news: the Dow Jones Index set another record of 39,000+ in February, the January jobs report was strong with over 350,000 jobs added, and inflation is down to 3.1%.

These continued negatives and positives make it hard to predict where his approval rating will go from here.

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