Biden’s Approval Increases Further

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Biden’s Approval Increases Further

ActiVote’s May 1, 2024 monthly presidential approval poll finds that President Biden’s overall approval increased further to 42.0%, a significant improvement by 3.0% from his March 39.0% approval rating and a stunning 6.5% increase over his November 2023 to February 2024 average of 35.5%. His disapproval rating came down by 2.9%: from 54.6% in March to 51.7% today.

ActiVote voters have weighed in on Biden’s approval rating since April 2021, with on average 887 participants per month and 592 participants in April 2024, rating Biden on a 5-star rating, which is then converted into standard “approval” and “disapproval” percentages.

The following table highlights the key demographics with the largest increase in approval rating since February:

If we look at the largest increases in approval since February, almost all are among the expected Biden constituency – younger, female, Democratic, Black and Latino, high incomes or higher education. The only exception is approval from rural voters, which jumped up 12% to 38% from a very low value of 26%.

If we look at the left-to-right spectrum,  and compare Biden’s April approval/disapproval ratings with those in Februari, we can see significant increases on the left side of the spectrum (on average 10% increase), a small decrease on the right side of the spectrum (on average 3% decrease), and enormous improvement in the crucial center of the spectrum: from 27% to 44% approval and a disapproval decrease from 60% to 50%.

In our recent polls on the presidential election, Biden has improved from -8.0% (January) to -6.2% (February) and now -5.4% (April). Thus, his higher approval rating is chipping away at his deficit against Trump. Still, more is needed to win over the centrists in order to close that gap further.

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