Biden’s Approval Edges Lower

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Biden’s Approval Edges Lower

ActiVote’s February 1st, 2024 monthly presidential approval poll finds that President Biden’s overall approval rating has declined another 0.5% to a new low of 35.3%. Biden now has three consecutive months of approval of 36% or less

ActiVote voters have weighed in on Biden’s approval rating since April 2021, with on average 897 participants per month, rating Biden on a 1-5 star-rating scale, which is then converted into standard “approval” and “disapproval” percentages.

Biden’s January 2024 rating is his lowest measured so far with 35.3% approval (and 56.9% disapproval), just below his 35.5% for November 2023 and 35.8% for December 2023.

His disapproval rating equaled previous peaks of 57%.

We are seeing a consistent picture where Biden gets no plaudits from the right-hand side of the political spectrum, but also draws significant criticism from the progressive left. Those most supportive of him are the moderates on the left:

It seems that Biden does not get a break: the conflict in the Middle East is escalating and the situation at the southern border has led to a Texan stand-off. 

At the same time, presidential elections are typically more about the economy than anything else. And that is where there are some encouraging messages for Biden: inflation seems largely under control and the Fed is suggesting rate cuts for 2024, economic sentiment has been up markedly in the past two months, and the Dow Jones index set a new record in January with 38,000+. 

These negatives and positives make it hard to predict where his approval rating will go for here.

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