Plot Your Politics


While #NationalBeHeardDay may just be a social media hashtag for people to talk about, it goes to the heart of our goals here at ActiVote! In an age when many are avoiding the toxic partisanship in politics and civic education has declined in our public schools we aim to create a simple and easy way to learn about the issues and allow your voice to be heard.


It all starts with voting. Did you know that this year you likely have at least 3 chances to vote? There are presidential primaries underway, most states have a state-wide primary for your state government and we all can vote in the general election on November 3rd. 

Know who is on your ballot! ActiVote will remind you for each election so that you never need to miss a chance to vote.

Voting is one of the best ways to be heard!


Do you ever see on TV that 58% of Americans think this or that? Do you read it in the news? Ever wonder who these people are who get their voice amplified in our media? ActiVote allows you to be heard on the issues every day of the week. Each day we offer up a topic seeking your opinion and each month we publish a poll on the results.

Share your opinion so that our collective voice is simply too loud to ignore. 

To celebrate this year’s #NationalBeHeardDay we encourage you to vote in every election and add your voice to the multitude of issues facing our nation!

Download ActiVote here!