Author: Victor Allis

Plot Your Politics

ActiVote Poll: Prescription Drug Prices

The US spends far more on healthcare per person than any other developed country in the world. A major contributor to the cost difference is the price of prescription drugs, which are, on average, about twice as expensive as in other developed countries, and form 17% of total healthcare costs.  In recent years, pharmaceutical companies…
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ActiVote Poll: Marginal Tax Rate

The “marginal tax rate” is the percentage of tax you pay over “brackets” of your income. For instance, for the first approximately $10,000 of income, the marginal tax rate is 10%, thus about $1,000 in tax. Over the next ~$30,000 the marginal tax rate is 12%, thus another about $3,600 in tax. The “maximum marginal…
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ActiVote Poll: Federal Minimum Wage?

The Federal Minimum Wage was raised to $7.25 on July 24th, 2009. In the 10 years since then inflation has been approximately 20%, steadily reducing the purchasing value of that $7.25 wage.  An ActiVote poll asking about the Federal Minimum Wage shows that only 1% of respondents would like it to remain at $7.25. So,…
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Why we built ActiVote

Four decades ago, a newly appointed US Ambassador was asked why he had accepted the job offer after many years working in the private sector. He explained that he had spent ⅓ of his life getting an education, ⅓ of his life working for a living and was hoping to spend the final ⅓ of his…
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All Politics is Local

When people talk about politics, it is almost always about National Politics. Policy discussions are about what’s happening in Congress, what the Cabinet is doing or what decision is before the Supreme Court. The rhetoric is dominated by the latest feud between those with a national profile or who is up or down in the…
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