Author: Sara Gifford

Plot Your Politics

Politicon 2019 : Political Universe

ActiVote is excited to be attending Politicon in Nashville next weekend (Oct 26-27).  A bi-partisan conference of political junkies getting together to talk politics and listen to speakers from both sides of the spectrum.  We are excited to be there! While we are there we will be conducting a political experiment.  We will work hard to…
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Let’s be friends!

“Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.” ~Woodrow Wilson One of our users, Lynne, downloaded ActiVote two months ago and at the time went through all her contacts to link them to their voter record and to see where and when they could vote. Some are local friends who can…
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All in a day in Greater Mattapan

After the success of our previous blog we have partnered with the Greater Mattapan Neighborhood Council to talk about the day in the life for a Mattapan family! Each and every day, the decisions made by our elected officials affect the residents of Greater Mattapan. Let’s put a lens to the daily activities of a…
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Ranked Choice Voting

In 1992, Bill Clinton won the presidency with an overwhelming majority in the electoral college: 370 of 538 electoral votes, but only 43% of the popular vote. His main opponent, President Bush, got 37% and the remaining 168 electoral votes, while Ross Perot got 19% of the popular vote and no electoral votes. After Clinton’s…
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What’s that matrix all about?

This weekend we got a few questions about how we determine the positioning of National Figures in the matrix. Specifically, someone wondered why Kamala Harris was just to the left of Bernie Sanders and whether that would be correct? Also, we got a few general questions about what left-right and top-bottom in the matrix exactly…
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Unrig the System 2019

Victor and I just got back from the Unrig the System conference in Nashville TN.  It was an amazing non-partisan event with experts and activists from across the political spectrum and from across the country. We learned about what conservatives and liberals alike believe needs to be changed in our system and were inspired by…
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Summer Internship Program

We are very excited to introduce our inaugural summer internship cohort. Studies show that voters under 30 are about 25% less likely to vote than people over 60. But this is changing, young people are becoming more involved in our democracy and we’d like to partner with 3-5 students this summer to join our internship…
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Hello, world!

ActiVote is born!