Armchair activism for all

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Armchair activism for all

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.

We created ActiVote because we believe that the more people who participate in our democracy, the stronger it will be. That is why we are focused on voters and what we can do to help them make their personal choices. It’s why we are non-partisan, it’s why we are national, and it’s why we cover all elections whether they are federal, state or local. And that is also why we are focused on data instead of opinions so that you can make your own choices, armed with the facts.

Now, some voters are advocates and activists who really want to not just vote themselves, but also want to share the urgency they feel about our democracy with their social network of friends, family and colleagues. They are the ones who are especially politically engaged, may volunteer for a good cause or a great candidate and they may enjoy telling their network about their favorite candidates.

In our latest version we have included the “volunteer” function in ActiVote especially for advocates and activists. You can now volunteer for any candidate who is running in any election and contact your network to encourage them to vote. You can easily keep track in the app who you persuaded to vote, so that you can remind them when election day nears. And to make it extra fun, check out how you rank in both the National and campaign “Civic Engagement Rankings”.

Participating in our democracy has never been as easy and never been as fun as with the latest version of ActiVote.

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