All Politics is Local

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All Politics is Local

When people talk about politics, it is almost always about National Politics. Policy discussions are about what’s happening in Congress, what the Cabinet is doing or what decision is before the Supreme Court. The rhetoric is dominated by the latest feud between those with a national profile or who is up or down in the national polls in the presidential race which is more than a year away. We even go so far to label even years as “election years”, because that is when we are voting for Congress (every 2 years) or for President (every 4 years) It somehow suggests that in odd years there are no elections or at least no elections worth mentioning.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Who makes all the decisions about your public schools, zoning laws, police funding, priorities of law enforcement and much more that affects you directly? Locally elected politicians! 

Unfortunately, election turnout during local elections is absolutely dismal around the nation. On average only 20% of registered voters turn out to vote. That makes you wonder whether whoever is elected really has the support of the whole community.

ActiVote wants to change this by alerting you to (almost) every election you can vote in. Whether you live in Mississippi, where you can vote in the primary for all state elections this August 6th, 2019 and in the general elections on November 5th, 2019, or in Boston where there are 15 candidates vying for the 4 At-Large seats in the city council in the primary on September 24th (and general on November 5th) or anywhere else in the US where local or state elections are organized: we have got you covered. 

In the latest release of our app you can see all election dates specifically for you, the positions that are up for election and the candidates that have declared for that position. You may find a race where someone you don’t particularly like is running unopposed. Maybe you should consider running yourself? Or, you may find a race where there is actually no candidate at all. Maybe you can help recruit one of your friends to fill that gap.

And for those races where there are candidates you must choose between, you will find background information about them and links to their campaign information so that you can research them before you go to the voting booth. And for some of them, you will be able to compare your policy positions with theirs in our policy matrix. 

ActiVote also lets you link your contacts to their voter record so that you can see when their next (local) election is up, even if they live halfway across the country. How about giving them a call or send a text and remind them about their upcoming election? There is an 80% chance that they’re not planning to vote just yet, so you can make a real difference!

With ActiVote you have all the information you need to be an informed voter or advocate in the palm of your hand!

Download our newest version today and help all Americans to vote local!