ActiVote turns 5!

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ActiVote turns 5!

On January 3rd, 2019 we sat in a conference room and founded ActiVote. Today is our 5th birthday and we couldn’t be more excited for the year to come. Last year we made a few promises on what we wanted to accomplish and today we want to report back and make a new set of promises!

Better Insights

Together with a few partners we expanded our issue surveys to tackle bigger topics and produced detailed reports on where we have alignment and could see bipartisan action from our legislators. Two of our favorites were on Immigration and Energy Independence.

Improved Notifications

We automated our email notifications for elections so not only will voters get notifications on their phones but they will also automatically receive vote plan and voting mechanics reminders for federal, state and local elections!

Expanded Civics Education

We introduced our civics quiz. A fun daily quiz on civics, history and more to keep users engaged with democracy and learn a few new fun facts along the way.

Election Analysis

We covered many races in 2023 and made sure to provide election updates along the way. We made strides in developing better election analysis and should be all set up for a successful 2024 of interesting facts and polling on key races! Our first detailed Presidential Approval Rating went up in late 2023!

On top of this we posted frequently on social media (facebook | twitter | instagram) and even made a threads account (although we’re still working on posting there). We kept working with key partners like CitizenConnect and the National Civic League and began new relationships with Living Room Conversations and Common Sense American.

2024 Election Coverage

For 2024 our goal is to deliver the absolute best election coverage up and down the ballot and all across the country. We will deliver polling on statewide races across the country. We want to make it even easier to share democracy and your ballot with friends and family and we want to ensure that all of the voters who entrust us with their voting plan will cast a vote in their presidential primary, state primary, local elections and of course November 5, 2024!

2024 Nonprofit donation program

Throughout 2024 we will expand our nonprofit donation program where we work with nonprofits in communities looking for voter education information. We provide free access to these nonprofits of everything ActiVote has to offer along with statistics about their impact. Those nonprofits get to provide this information free to their communities and we make donations to those groups to support their work as well!

New Year Resolutions

Our goal is to approach 2024 with information and education avoiding polarization and politicization of the process. We believe democracy is best when as many people as possible participate and we promise to work hard this year to reach as many voters as possible.

Thanks for your ongoing support!