ActiVote turns 4!

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ActiVote turns 4!

January 3rd is our ActiVote birthday and this year we turn 4 years old. Presidents serve a 4 year term and so do many governors and mayors and other local officials. The anniversary of our founding is a good moment for us to look back at what we’ve done and what we still want to do!

We’ve accomplished quite a bit in our first term:

  • We’ve got a great app that provides in-depth information to voters about elections, policy, elected officials and more!
  • We post regularly on social media bringing information about issues and elections each day as an easy way to engage with voters. Check us out on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram and new in 2022 TikTok!
  • We cover elections up and down the ballot with a specific focus on local, primary & special elections. We also pride ourselves on covering any election that a voter emails us about! In 2022 we added two more sources of information for candidates & elections, bringing out total to six sources!
  • We help elevate voices of the voters using our tools by analyzing opinions and publishing that out to our community, for example Presidential Approval overviews and Issue Analysis. In 2022 we added election analysis and are hoping to expand that going forward.
  • We experimented with new ideas that we hope to expand upon in 2023 and beyond. We partnered with the city of Minneapolis to add local legislative information to our app. We’ve collaborated with Civic Genius to add their genius guides into the app! We provided information in support of partners like theSkimm and CitizenConnect and History Made by Us and more!

But there is still so much more to do in service of the voter:

  • We want to provide better insights to voters on the issues, legislation and elections that you are providing your opinions on.
  • We want to improve our email notifications to ensure that you are notified of every election in time for all of the key steps in the process.
  • We want to expand our “civics education” components with more overviews, fun quizzes and more!
  • We want to provide more analysis on issues and elections that you care about.

The great news about both democracy and technology is that there is always room for improvement! We don’t have a monopoly on good ideas and we love hearing your thoughts. The best gift you could give us for our birthday is referring someone you know to check out our app!