ActiVote Poll – September 5th, 2020

ActiVote conducted a national, presidential election poll among 1194 registered voters during the past 4 weeks. The result is weighted to represent the national electorate on characteristics such as region, gender, age, party affiliation, ethnicity, education, income, and likelihood to vote.

By nature of our poll there are no undecideds among our survey responses (so all categories sum to 100%) and we only focus on the head-to-head competition between the Democratic candidate (former Vice President Joe Biden) and the Republican candidate (current President Donald Trump).

For information on how we conducted this poll, and our current estimate of up to a 5% liberal bias in our results, please see our answers to the CNN Transparency questionnaire for polling standards

Overall, former Vice President Biden leads President Trump by 10 points: 

We find that 1 in 7 Republicans and 1 in 25 Democrats intend to vote for the other party’s candidate.

We found a gender gap of 18%, with more women preferring Biden. Men are evenly split over who should be our next president.

Trump draws most of his support from the 50-64 age group, but is behind among the elderly. Biden gets 3 out of every 4 votes from the youngest voters (18-29).

The racial divide is enormous, where the vast majority of all minorities support Biden. Trump has an 8 point lead among White voters.

Our educational findings are that Biden is slightly more ahead among those with an intermediate level of education.

While Biden led the “intermediate”  education levels, Trump does best with those with “intermediate” income levels, while Biden does better with those with low incomes and with those with high incomes.

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