ActiVote certifies as a B Corp!

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ActiVote certifies as a B Corp!

ActiVote got an early Christmas present when we learned that we had passed through the rigorous BLab certification for organizations meeting the highest verified levels of social performance.

When we first formed ActiVote we knew a few things about what we wanted to achieve. We knew that we wanted to empower voters all around the country and across the political spectrum to feel informed and empowered to vote. We knew that we wanted to focus on voters who don’t always get a lot of attention. If you aren’t a regular voter then campaigns and issue groups don’t typically call you. But who doesn’t like to be called & asked for their vote?! It feels good and is proven to get people to the polls. So while we will never ask anyone for a vote for any given candidate we knew we wanted to focus on the voters who are not always asked!

We also knew that we weren’t going to ask for donations (so a nonprofit wasn’t needed) and weren’t in this for a profit – so the Public Benefit Corporation status with a certification from BLab is the absolutely best path for us!

ActiVote embodies the values of BLab:

  • Using our skills as a “as a force for good”. What better place to direct our energy & geeky talents than building civic tech for American Voters?!
  • We’ve always been a communicative bunch so meeting the “highest verified standards of social performance, transparency, and accountability” seems natural. We will continue publishing information about the voters we reach!
  • ActiVote is using the power of technology & data “to solve our most pressing global challenges.” The strength and integrity of American democracy couldn’t be more pressing!

We want to reach hundreds of millions of voters. We want all citizens to feel that their vote matters and that they made the right choice for themselves. We knew we would put voters first in every decision we made, so it was easy to put that commitment in writing and make it legally binding. Abraham Lincoln reminded us in the Gettysburg Address that we have a government of the people, by the people, for the people. ActiVote is the personal democracy solution FOR the people so that they can hold their government accountable.

Join in our movement today and give ActiVote a try!