ActiVote announces 2020 Civic Council

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ActiVote announces 2020 Civic Council

We have had so many wonderful interactions with our users over the past year. We have received suggestions for features that help everyone participate in our democracy, notifications of data problems that needed to be fixed and even  typos in our daily questions that we had missed. 

We’ve even had users write questions for us that they wanted America to weigh in on.

We want everyone to know that we very much appreciate and welcome all these interactions and today we are formalizing this by starting the ActiVote Civic Council of inspired users who want to help us make ActiVote the most effective app for informed participation in our Democracy. 

ActiVote Civic Council members cannot only continue to notify us of how to make improvements to our current app, they can also help us envision the future versions of ActiVote.

If you are interested please reach out to us at info@ or on social media:

Thanks for keeping an eye on our democracy!

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